Pure and simple

moodwall P1 is designed to enhance the contemporary workplace by maximizing clarity and transparency. A pure and simple architectural wall system created for people in the workplace.


  • moodwall aluminum extrusions in clear anodized, colored anodized or powder coated paint finishes
  • P1 floor channel 1” high by 2 ¼” wide
  • P1 ceiling channel 2 ⅜” high by 2 ¼” wide
  • P1 & adjustment gasket floor channel 1 ¼” high by 2 ¼” wide (compressed)


  • ⅜” (10mm) or ½” (12mm) with choice of :
    • tempered
    • laminated
    • low iron or
    • safety glass
  • Polycarbonate or butted glass joint


moodwall exclusive:

  • SERE mortise lock for glass slab door
  • KERE 60” locking ladder pull with SFIC 7-pin interchangeable core
  • Hydraulic hinge with soft close and hold open option


  • Frameless glass slab
  • Framed double glazed solid and hollow core wood doors


  • STC ratings range from 27 to 35 depending on glass type
  • Extruded vinyl connections and perimeter bulb seals provide seamless connections with drywall
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